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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        Nickel cadmium batteries

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        The pocket type nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries can be divided into low discharge rate, medium discharge rate,high discharge rate and ultra high discharge rate.
        With 20 years of floating life and normally work at 25°C degree.The nickel cadmium batteries are widely used as standby power,ups,emergency power supply, mine,metallurgy,solar power system, raiway,diesel engines,ect.
        The main material of positive plate is nickel hydroxide and negative plate is cadmium oxide.Which are separately retained in a pocket formed nickel plated steel strip.According to capacity required,quantites of plate strips are linked together and cut to sizes coresponding to plate width requireed and compressed to the final demensions.The plates are welded and assembed on the collectors so that it can ensure high mechanical strength and improve conductivity.
        The electrolyte is solution of potassium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide,which keeps about performance,life and efficiency of battery in a temperature range of -40°C-+60°C.
        The terminal poles are made from nickel plated steel bar with excellent conductive performance ad high mechanical strength welded with plate bars. Cell covers and terminal poles are sealed by lock washers,which can ensure excellent sealing in the life of battery.
        The cell container is made with MBS,ABS or PP materials with high mechanical strength. They are widely used for UPS,renewable energy,solar power system,emergency system,mine,railway system, metro,electric vehicle,oil and gas, communication and network,power plants,chemistry industry,ect.

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