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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        Modular UPS 10-1500KVA

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        IT Servers, Data-Centers, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic, Telecom, Hospitals, Banks, Offices, and other business,ect.
        MPS series is a high frequency modular online UPS system. The system are composed of three modules: Display & Control module, Inverter module and Bypass module.
        The inverter module is designed for hot-swappable. Modular design ensures flexible options for expansion. Redundant UPS technology allow users to scale their power capacity and provide continuous and highest availability. Great power density ensures a small footprint and low heat dissipation. Rich management and communication functions ensure a friendly man-machine conversation interface. The maximum capacity of our unit ups is upto 1500KVA/1350KW, which can be working with 2 ups in parallel. The total capacity can be upto 3000KVA/2700KW.The DC voltage of 360V/384V/432V/480VDC available. 
        ● Modular design
        ● High frequency and double conversion online technology 
        ● Wide input voltage range
        ● Parallel redundancy
        ● Hot-swappable
        ● Lightning and surge protection,short circuit,overload protection
        ● High efficiency
        ● Smart RS232 communication 
        According to input and output power condition, user can set up the UPS configuration with 4 kinds of working model freely : 3 phases in & 3 phases out, 3 phases in & 1 phase out, 1 phase in & 1 phase out
        MPS is a true modular, user-upgradeable system. As load increases, user can insert the 10KVA-50KVA hot-swap plug-in modules, upgradeable from 1 up to 30 modules, making for total capacity of 1500KVA
        On-line hot-swappable
        MPS is designed for hot insertion, all modules can be inserted in or out online without shutdown. It ensures online maintenance for the redundant systems, and make UPS expansion and redundant easy.
        Compared with traditional UPS, whose efficiency is less tan 90%, about 10% is going to be wasted. MPS inverter efficiency is more than 96%. It’s designed for low heat emission, less energy consumption.
        Green and clear power
        The level of harmonic pollution of MPS is very low, due to the low input current THD《3% and the near to one input power factor. This reduces more mains pollution and power loss than equivalent traditional UPS.
        Management software
        MPS provides a real-time monitoring and access to data on current operational status, control features, configuration information, and more.

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