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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        Industrial UPS 10-160KVA

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        Electricity professional UPS are designed for power plants, substations, Power distribution Centers, with dual exchange-line and zero conversion function. Mainly used for RTU, power monitoring. When main supply is normal, power of single-phase 220V (or three-phase 380V), after isolation, rectification, filtering through the inverter, provide stable power supply to the load.
        When the DC screen is under voltage or power fails, it switches to bypass power supply; When electricity is restored, the inverter automatically switches to main supply. If the inverter overload or fails, it switches to bypass power supply and gives an alarm.

        Our electricity ups is with wide input voltage range of 480VAC, the output voltage can be 120VAC/220VAC/240VAC/380VAC, the output phase can be single phase or three phases. They are widely used for oil and gas, chemistry industry,power plants,paper manufacturers and other areas, ect.

        UPS can be with nickel cadmium batteries,AGM batteries,OPzV tubular gel batteries,OPzS tubular batteries, Gel batteries for electricity application. Service life of our batteries is upto 20 years.

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