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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        Battery Charger 1-100KW

        Sources:Greencisco   Release time:2016-05-20   Click: 5807
        GY series industrial battery charger adopts international advanced high frequency switch technology, with high efficiency, small volume, light weight, superior functions; The monitoring unit adopts centralized-distribution control manner, controlling risks to improve the reliability. Charger can provide both Chinese and English languages by clicking on the touch screen to set system parameters. With features of easy operation and convenient. Adopting intelligent operation management, multiple protections, greatly improve the stability and reliability of the system. Precisely manage of the charging voltage and current to ensure the batteries in the perfect condition and prolong the service life of the batteries. Adopting modular design, the system configures RS485 and CAN interfaces which can communicate with computers to monitor and control remotely according to user requirements, which is suitable for electric vehicle charging and all kinds of batteries.
        ●Input voltage:110VAC/220VAC/240VAC/380VAC/400VAC/415VAC/480VAC
        ●Output voltage:24V/36V/48V/60V/72V/110V/125V/220V/240V/360V/480V/500V/600V/750V/800VDC can be available
        ●Output current:1A-1000A available
        ●With protection of overvoltage,undervoltage,overcurrent,overheat,phase missing,ect.
        ●Precision of voltage and current:≤±0.5% 
        ●Ripple coefficient:≤ 0.5% 
        ●Cooling: self-cooling or fan
        ●Working temperature:-20~+65℃
        ●Working mode: automatically or manually
        ●Communication interface: RS485,CAN2.0,RS232

        ●With LCD touch screen display,output with isolation transformer.

        ●Battery charger can be with the functions of discharging batteries, with battery management system for monitoring batteries

        ●Battery charger can work with the other chargers in parallel

        Our chargers are widely used for AGM batteries, gel batteries, OPzV,OPzS, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron batteries,lithium batteries,LiFePO4 batteries, forlift trucks,super capacitors,electrical bus,ect.

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