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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        MPPT solar controllers

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        Solar controller work by DC/DC conversion, charging circuit and main control circuit to realize the automatic charging management of storage batteries and solar panels.Widely used in solar power system, solar street lights,etc. 
        ●Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm which could promote energy utilization efficiency of PV system. The charging efficiency is 20% higher than PWM mode.
        ●MPPT efficiency could reach to 99.9%
        ●The use of advanced digital power technology, circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%
        ●Four stage charging order mode: MPPT-equalizing charging-boost charging-float charging 
        ●With current-limiting charging mode, which enables system to work under the rated charging current.
        ●With RS232 interface,it can communicate with PC by communication wires and cables, read or set controller’s running parameters and monitor the system operation status.
        ●With the fault code indication; it helps users confirm the system fault
        ●Support data storage for 5 years.
        ●It can connect with LCD screen monitoring and the controller parameters are amendable.
        ●Built-in temperature sensor, when the temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current will lower down followed by the decrease of temperature, so as to control the controller’s temperature rise.
        ●With temperature compensation function to adjust the charge and discharge parameters automatically, which can improve battery service life.
        ●With protection functions of overcharge,overdischarge,overload,overheat and battery reverses connection protection.
        ●Output charging voltage of 110VDC/220VDC/360VDC/384VDC/432VDC/480VDC available
        ●Output charging current of 10A-300A available

        ●MPPT and PWM solar controllers available

        They are widely used for solar power systems, solar street lights, wind power systems,ect.

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