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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Technical Support
        Technical Training
        Training Programs
        We set up training centers in Shenzhen. With good training facilities and experienced
        engineers, we will provide for our customers knowledge, operating skills, maintenance, failure
        analysis and maintenance and other aspects of training.
        Training Time
        Our customers will annually be invited to our factory for training. 
        Training Range
        1.UPS work principle and process
        2.UPS monitoring software and daily operation
        3.UPS menu, reading the various parameters and alarm information.
        4.UPS and battery performance testing and maintenance.
        5.UPS daily maintenance procedures and operational processes.
        Training Contents
        1.About UPS structures and frameworks of the principle.
        2.Analysis to explain UPS rectifiers, the charger circuits.
        3.Analysis to explain the inverter circuits.
        4.Explain the UPS control circuits.
        5.Explain UPS common faults and troubleshooting
        6.Arrangements for training staff on teaching practice to understand its structure
        UPS professional engineers in our factory.
        Training Methods
        Using a combination of theory and practical teaching methods.
        Printed Materials Fees, Staff Costs, Training room will be provided free of charge by our company 
        After-sale Technical support
        We commit two years warranty to our full range products.
        Hotline Technical Service for Power Solution
        In Service Center, a number of expert engineers with more than 10 years of experience, provide
        the long-range consultancy services to customers. Sending emails to our company for         
        professional technology support and power solution.
        E-mail: master@greencisco.com
        Technical Cooperation
        We enthusiastically welcome customers’ any requirements of technical cooperation.We
        pledge our full cooperations to achieve the brilliant future together.

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