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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Industrial Solutions

        Industrial Solutions
        Factories cannot afford bottlenecks
        Factories have orders that must be produced on time, under budget. Bottlenecks can occur if even a computer records system or widget production machine stops. In addition you need rugged equipments that can survive and even excel in adverse conditions. We help keep your factory campus up and running with pure, continuous power. 
        Key Benefits
        ● Rugged,lasting power for your factory systems
        ● Plug and play technology for ease of use
        ● Protection against sudden and costly data loss
        ● Monitoring and Risk Prevention Software for preventing future problems
        ● Standards compatible solutions that economically integrate into your environments
        Our batteries of OPzV,OPzS,nickel cadmium,online ups of 1kva-1500kva,electricity inverter 1kva-200kva,stabilizer 50kva-3000kva,frequency converter 1kva-3000kva,chargers 1kw-500kw,DC UPS 240w-100kw are available for all kinds of applications of oil and gas, banks, securities, chemistry, power plants, steel plants,mines,emergency lights, hospitals,labortary,airports,ship ports,military,factories,ect.

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