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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Network Solutions

        Network Energy Solutions

        Data Loss Prevention for Enterprises and IT Environments
        When your IT or computer centers need reliable source of power, you can rely on our solutions. Our solutions not only continuously monitor your power but in the event of a power loss will help shut down your system in a manner to minimize or eliminate data loss.
        Our products are used by businesses all over the world. One critical reason is the low defect rates of our products. Our quality helps ensure that the servers, PCs and other peripherals keep going.  
        Key Benefits 
        ●Long lasting protection for your IT tools
        ●Plug and play technology for ease of use
        ●Protection against sudden and costly data loss
        ●Standards based for economical integration with existing equipments
        ●Continuous UPS monitoring to reduce risk of data loss 

        Our VRLA batteries of 2V/200Ah-3000Ah/6V/100Ah-400Ah/12V/7Ah-260Ah,OPzV,OPzS,UPS of 1kva-1500kva are available for all kinds of needs of communications, networks, IT servers, banks, TV stations,ect.

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