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        Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

        Recommended products

        • Telecom power system -48V30A-90A

          Applied to the Base Station of GSM/CDMA,Data Communication, Access network, mobile communication, Satellite communication station, Microwave communication,2G,3G,4G,5G

        • Nickel cadmium batteries HPX(GNC)

          Nickel cadmium sintered rechargeable batteries are made with nickel cadmium plates and special alikaline electrolyte. Nickel cadmium batteries have features of long life,ultra high discharge rate,excellent electrical performance,small self discharge rate, safety and working temperature:-40C-+70C degree, floating life: 20 years at 25C degree.

        • OPzS tubular batteries 6V/12V

          ? OPzS tubular batteries are made with tubular plate,quality is very excellent when small or large discharge current. The floating lifespan is 20 years at 25C degree, with more than 2200 deep cycles at 80% DOD.

        36V400Hz Frequency converter for Aviation

        3000Hz Frequency converters

        Frequency converter for Aviation gyroscopes

        115V/28V Power for Aviation

        270Vdc Power for military

        28V DC power for military

        28V DC power for military

        Inverter for Military

        Nickel cadmium Aviation Battery

        Solar Cleaning Robot
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